Thread: Lost on the easy stuff! Please Help!

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    Exclamation Lost on the easy stuff! Please Help!

    I need to call the FontDialog and ColorDialog boxes in my Win32 app, but I can't find the correct event handler to proccess the request. Could someone please either tell me what I am missing or send me the proper code?

    This is where I'm at right now:

    #include <vcl/dialogs.hpp>

    void __fastcall TEText::OpFontClick(TObject *Sender)
    if (FontDialog->Execute())
    FpFont = FontDialog->Font;

    After I compile this in my app I get the following errors:

    Undefinded symbol 'FpFont'
    Call to undefined function 'SetListBoxItems'

    Please Help!

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    Either the variable FpFont has not been declared anywhere, or it is not visible to the 'OpFontClick' function. Same problem with the undefined function. Make sure that you have all parameters correct for the function, and if the function belongs to that object, you are calling to function through that object (i.e. obj1.SetListBoxItems() or obj1->SetListBoxItems()).

    It is difficult to tell what the problem with only the code you have provided.
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