Thread: Question re: SSE - shift-right, integer-divide(?)

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    Question re: SSE - shift-right, integer-divide(?)

    I've just started looking at SSE but don't see how to accomplish a function we may need, namely, shift right (with a different shift count applied to each 32-bit register.) An integer-divide would work nicely too - if it was available.

    The application:
    We read thousands of double-words each bit-packed, and need to unpack them quickly. For instance, the high-order bit of first DW may represent one value, the next 5 bits another value and so on, the next DW is packed differently. No values span a DW boundary.

    I'm investigating using SSE to unpack values from four DWs at a time.
    One "pseudo-code" unpack-cycle might go as follows:
          PSRAW X bits //move next target-value to low-order bit
          ANDPS with Y    //discard irrelevant high-order bits
          MULPS by Z // scale as appropriate
          Store 4 Values
    Question: Does any version of SSE support a different 'X' for each XXM register?
    (If there was an integer divide, i think it would accomplish the same thing.)

    Any other ideas how SSE might be used to unpack this data?

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    Since your data are all double-words and no values span across DW boundaries, I suppose you could use the x64 instruction set, with its 64-bit registers. That'll be a whole lot easier.

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    If you are using MSVS you should research into the SSE/MMX intrinsic functions available to you.

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