Thread: (argc, argv) C++ & Prolog

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    (argc, argv) C++ & Prolog

    My question is concerning argv[0].

    I know (in theory) that on Unix, this argument passes the part of the command-line that is used to locate the executable. Prolog uses this to find the file holding the running executable.

    I also know that on Windows, this argument is used to find a module of the running executable. But I can't figure out what to assign to argv[0] when I am writing a similar program to a Unix version.

    Basically, I have a bunch of header and source files that run using a makefile (on Unix). The makefile facilitates the execution and also the communication between the various Prolog and C++ programs. I am trying to achieve the same thing by using VS2008 IDE (Windows). In other words, I am upgrading the same system to be able to run using Visual Studio 2008 IDE.

    In one of the C++ files that gets Prolog and C++ to talk to each other, I have:

    argv[0] = "a.out";
    PL_initialise(1, argv);

    So when in Unix I type a.out at the prompt, it invokes the makefile and they all run. What should I use instead of argv[0] = "a.out" to achieve the same goal?

    Appreciate any pointers,

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    Why do you need to set argv[0] at all? The correct value is passed to the program by the OS at runtime; you should not need to set it.
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