Thread: MV C++ 6.0 or MV 2002 edition?

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    Oh, that's good news, they weren't very clear about that. I guess they were testing the water to see how people would react to managed C++.
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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    > J++ and VB.NET...

    Again, sorry, no - they're not releasing another version of J++... At least they didn't mention it on Wednesday...
    They are going to release J#, i saw it on the .NET Show on YTV

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    I would use the .Net version. since there are my fix's for source code optimization, better bit to bit memory access, and such.

    There are more things to do with the VC++ .NET , and some new features given. Also note that the C++ .net does not have to be built directly for only the .net platform.

    The executables you create the C++ .NET will be faster than the older 6.0 compiler, and have some linker abilities never seen before, i suggest you read this mini article @ :

    If that link doesnt work, then goto the site, and in the TOC check out .NET then down to Dr. GUI's C++ article.

    its not very long, and has some good points some C++ programmer would like to be reminded of.

    Also note the guy who posted about LINUX RULES,
    well have you noticed that porting linux is more than a pain in the ass? did you also notice that each distribution almost every time makes the programmer change his old old code to support one of the distro's. flexible? i dont think so.

    linux lacks a standard. plain and simple.

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