Thread: Translating tydedef from c++ to masm

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    Translating tydedef from c++ to masm

    I have asked the c++ to translate for me the size of an existing typedef:
    typedef long long __m128
    answer in a 32 bits processor 8 bytes , 64 bits
    for a tydedef long ,4 bytes
    By the name of the variable , something say me that the answer for a 64 bits processor couldn't be the same ?

    If someone could confirm, ToutEnMasm
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    long long is 8 bytes. The size of long depends on your OS. in Windows, it's 4 bytes for x64, and in Linux, I believe it's 8 bytes for x64.
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    __m128 is a 128-bit SSE register type. It is most certainly NOT 64 bits in size. Why are you attempting to "translate" this into assembly? It's an SSE register (XMM0 through XMM7), that's all.
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