Thread: how to display a text file

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    how to display a text file

    i'm not going to post the entire code but i'll post the relevant part. the situation is i have a .txt file (input.txt), and the program reads that and counts the characters in it and displays the number of characters, spaces, digits, etc. but i also want it to display the actual text from the file. is there a way to have it display the file, without actually copying and pasting all of the text into the compiler?
    so instead of cout<<"1000000 words"
    something like that.
    so this is the first part of the code that opens the file. how do i make the program display the text when i run it?

    #include <iomanip>
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <ctype.h>
    using namespace std;
    bool myIsAlpha( char ch );
    bool myIsDigit( char ch );
    bool myIsUpper( char ch );
    int countPunct = 0, //declaring int variables to be used.
    countAlpha = 0,
    countUp = 0,
    countLow = 0,
    countDig = 0,
    countSpace = 0,
    char ch; //declaring ch as char
    int main()
    ifstream inputFile; 
    //opening the input file and if it fails to open, displaying and error message to the user and exiting the program
     "input.txt" );
    if( )
    cout << "input.txt failed to open";
    exit( -1 );

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    I assume the part of the code that you didn't show was the actual reading of characters, checking the type, etc. After you read a character, just append it to some string, which is used to show the entire contents of the file. For example,
    string buffer = "";
    // ...
    ch = //read character from file
    buffer += ch; // append every character to the buffer
    // ...
    // finally print "buffer"

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