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    Simple Scripting Language Advice

    I'm looking at extending my current game project with some sort of scripting language, but most of the mainstream ones, like LUA, would be overkill for this. A script would have access to a single object, and only a few of it's members. Really all it's for is scripting status effects (poison, etc), so all I need is something that allows simple binding of functions specific to an object, and simple script execution.

    I have no experience what-so-ever with scripting, short of some incredibly simple tests with GameMonkey (which doesn't seem to allow the kind of interfacing I would like), so this is likely a stupid request, so I'm open to correction.

    Anyways, what would be the best (read: simplest) scripting engine to use for this?

    Thank you for your time,
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    How is Lua overkill?

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    I absolutely agree with Bubba - Lua is great, and even if it is overkill for what you want to do, there's no reason not to use it.
    I'm pretty sure most scripting language APIs (at least, Python) have functions where all you do is pass a string or a file descriptor, and it gets interpreted. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

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    I can give Lua a shot, but I don't really need that kind of power, and didn't know if there might be a simpler option.

    How well does Lua work with C++ classes and functions in them?

    From a tutorial a quick Google search turned up, registering a function works like this:
    lua_register(L, "my_function", my_function);
    I'm assuming registering a class function would be more difficult than:
    c_testClass newTest;  //This is assuming c_testClass has already been defined as a class, and has a function called "my_function"...
    lua_register(L, "my_function", newTest.my_function);

    Any advice for solid tutorials on LUA and C++?

    Thanks again!
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