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    personal library

    What's the best way to go about setting up a library of personal classes and functions in visual studio 08?

    Here's the way I've done it so far:
    1) Create a directory in my documents for these files.
    2) Show the path to this directory under the include paths under something like tools > options in vs.
    3) Now I don't have to copy the code or even link it manually when I start a new project.
    But what looks kind of ugly to me is this:
    Where my header file (in this case function prototypes) is str_manip.h and the implementation file is str_manip.cpp, I have to include BOTH in my program, i.e.

    #include "str_manip.h"
    #include "str_manip.cpp"
    I haven't seen an include with a .cpp file, so that at least puts a question mark on this procedure for me.

    What's the correct way of doing this?

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    You need to create an actual library. COMPILE your library files and link them to produce a .lib or a .dll file. Then link against this when you want to use your library. You seem to understand Visual Studio well enough to figure it out with some experimentation.
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