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    Postfix help!!

    I want to make a stack based Postfix to infix converter. I don't know how to start with it. Presently I have a class of stack. Thats all.
    Can anybody help me with the algorithm.

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    Have a quick look at the first example here, which is for parsing roman numerals (roman numerals are a form of prefixed notation), altho it is in C:


    This just uses a char array, but I suppose you could use a stack the same way. The key is using a "look ahead character" (x+1) in your evaluation of x:

    char *expr (char *ptr, int *value) {
    	char expr[128] = {0}, *s = ptr;
    	int a = trans(ptr[0]), b = trans(ptr[1]), dif;
    Obviously you must take care to insure that ptr[1] is not out of bounds, since this reads through the array one char at a time.
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