Thread: Calling argument of member function

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    Calling argument of member function

    How can I call an argument of a member function from another member function?

    Here is the two prototypes of member function from a class:
    int my_string::strcmp(const my_string& s1);
    void my_string::print(int n);
    For example, i want print out the s1 value from the member function strcmp in the member function print. So how can i call that value and cout in member function print?

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    That doesn't make sense. So I have a my_string object:
    my_string myobj(...);
    Now I call the print method:
    What does the strcmp have to do with this? Have you called strcmp yet? How many times?

    If you want to use the value from the last strcmp call, you could save it in a private member, my_string& lastcmp, and use that in the print.
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    it's hard to explain but I really need that s1 value in the member function print.
    s1 is an object that refer to one of my string object in the main function, i just wanna print its value in the member function print. That's why i ask is there anyway I can call or get the value s1 that is in member function strcmp directly to the member function print.
    the member function strcmp is comparing my two string for my other task, but now what i really want is getting the s1 value into the member function print.

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    MK27's point is that you can just invoke the print member function for that object that you have in the main function.
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