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    Is Visual C++ 6 the best development environment for building commercial software?

    Is VB.NET just as powerful as C++?

    I am very confused right now.

    I have been studying VB for the last three years. And the problem is I have stopped learning any further because I just dont know what langauge to go into. I want a real technical career.

    Is C++ really the best language for commercial software development or are languages like VB and VB.NET ok.

    I really want to move into designing proper applications like IDE's and applications for the telecommunication industry.

    If I learn C++ and Visual C++/MFC/ATL etc etc fully, will I surely be in for a good time in the software development industry?

    Please provide some helpful comments. Thank you very much.
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    You can make excellent comercial software with msvc++
    in fact if you are looking for rapid aplication development its also very good
    alot of people would diss msvc for alot of reasons:

    1. They have kwams with the big "M"(microsoft).
    2. They refuse to take suposed shortcuts because they are hardcore and like doing their own API
    3.They are looking do wide cross platform support(like to go with lots of different operating systems).

    if these reasons apply to you then dont use it

    but... if you wanna start pumping out software for windows really fast then i would give it a try.

    btw ... if you are looking to do databases i would recomend
    Borland C++ Builder (also very rapid aplicacation development as well as nice comercial look)

    take it easy

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    I would suggest VC++ over borland C++ builder due to the fact that it is almost it's own language and it is etremely hard to find answers to problems that you may have because it is not actually used in the business world

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    Due to some serious shortcommings of Borland Builder, VC is widely used in the business world. Learning one language only will not be enough. I suggest learning a mix. You should have a look into C++, C#, VB and Java. All have similarities, and if you know one fully, you know the others, too. Different syntax, same methods.
    My personal prediction is that C# will take a large share of the VB and C++ market, as it's VB's RAD power coupled with C++'s pure force.

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