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    Talking project

    i have to submit a c++ project using MFC.can anyone give me an idea like space related or something level is elementary but idea must be challanging so that i can learn.thanxxs

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    *Hits himself in the head 49 times so he can understand neanderthal talk.*

    Well have to do the thing then tha other thing that makes the first thing open up the other file that starts the third whatumacalit and then it all comes together when you run it 14 times and store the onscreen variables into their own individual classes...... Or something like that, I think...
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    Don't be jerks, guys... Some people on this board don't have English as their first language...

    (shameless ripoff) How about a gravity simulator? You could show the effects the gravitational pull of the planets has on, say, a spaceship or an asteroid or something...

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