Thread: copying an **int array passed through parameters

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    copying an **int array passed through parameters

    Is there any other way to copy an array or rather 'pass by value'?

    Heres what im currently doing, I do not like it much... (I need to work with the data in array but I can't have it changed once the method returns.

    int dijkstra(int buildings,int **tempEdges)
        //crude way of copying an array
      	int **edges;
    	edges = new int*[buildings+1];
    	for(int i=0;i <= buildings;++i)
    		edges[i] = new int[buildings+1];
    	for(int i=0;i <= buildings;++i)
    	for(int j=0;j <= buildings;++j)
    		edges[i][j] = tempEdges[i][j];
    //jumble array around to work with it
    //return value
    Any ideas?

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    For primitive and POD types you can use the C function memcpy to copy blocks of continuous memory.
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    I'd use a std::vector. Every element in the vector will be copied if you pass it by value.
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