Thread: write value from char * to char[] ?

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    Post write value from char * to char[] ?

    hi, i have this:

    BOOL function(const char *Text)
        // func
    but i need to cut text from one character occurance to the end like this:
                    char txt[32];
    		if ((ptr = strstr(txt, ":")) != 0)
    			*ptr = '\0';
    so i wanted to make txt = Text and do operations above but i can't =\

    would appreciate any help ^^

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    First you need to use strcpy() to copy from text to txt
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    wow it works thx, sry i tried it and it was giving errors wtf =\

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    You can't assign directly to an array. For strings (char), you need to use strcpy. For other things, it's usually memcpy. Or in C++, we tend to use C++ constructs such as std::vector which allows us to copy stuff merely be assigning one object to another.
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