hi everyone,

I want to make a DLL projet in visual studio C++ ,and this projet can do:
1.be called by an other program(which is a c# program)
2.can control/connect with an other machine by TCP/IP(using Telnet)

my DLL projet contient 8 fonctions:

1) bool DoInit();

this fonction is for initialize the port, ip number, log name(for the machine), passeword(for the machine)...

2) bool CleanUp();

this fonction is for cancel all the connections with the machine

3) int GetDeviceState();

in this fonction, if the connectons is fine, ruturn 0
if the connectons is not fine, ruturn 8001

4) bool Open(int DataSourceID, string filePath, string DataAddressID);

this fontion is for send a file to the machine

5) bool Close(int DataSourceID)

this fonction is for stop sending one file

I hope somebody can help me, thanks