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    c++ on websites

    is there a way to put c++ applications on the web, like what you do in Java with applets?

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    You can use a C++ program to process html page requests and serve up pages. In this regard, the program would be called a "CGI" program.

    As far as running a C++ program inside a web page off the server, I have not done that. (Although I have done several Java applets).
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    As stated, CGI is what you would use. CGI is actually pretty easy, and your program would be almost identical to writing a C or C++ command-line program. Note that the C/C++ programs are executed on the web server, prior to being sent to the client browser. They are not executed on a "website" or anything like that. The only things that can be executed on the client side/browser, are, just that: client-side technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, etc.

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    No. C++ is compiled to machine code and is therefore very platform dependent. Java is platform independent, which is why you can put a Java Applet on your web page and have it work on everyone else's browser. C++ code compiled on Windows won't work on Linux, Mac or anywhere else...
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