Microsoft Visual C++ 2008

My Project contains one Form1 and one Unit (module) Test1.cpp.
There is the button1 on the Form1 which calls the function:

There is only one function in unit Test1.cpp
void Test1::Change_Button_Text()
	// #1
	Form1::button1->Text = "Hello forum!"; // isn't working :(
	// #2
	Form1 ^fr1 = gcnew Form1(); 
	fr1->button1->Text = "Hello Forum!" // isn't working :(
What I want: Run the project, click the button and the button text will be changed to "Hello Forum!".

This is targeted to the following task: to find the way how to control Form properties (and Form component properties) from the other Units (Modules) of the Project (not only from the Form1.h).

I'm going to write a lot of procedures and do not want to place them in Form1.h header.

Thank you!
I cannot post here my example, but you can download it here ( on the page buttom):
Как управлять компонентами формы из другого модуля - Visual C++ - Форум программистов и сисадминов