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    accessing bytes of a file

    I have a file opened and in a loop I can access each byte seperately. How would I go about accessing advanced bytes in a file?

    while ((byte=fgetc(myfile)) != EOF) {
    printf("%c ",byte);

    Inside the loop, how do I access (byte+1). Actually using byte+1 gives me the next ascii code in front of byte(no good). Help anyone?
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    One option is:

    while ((byte=fgetc(myfile)) != EOF) {
    printf("%c ",byte);
    printf("%c ",next_byte);
    if (next_byte == EOF)

    This would read two bytes each time thru the loop.
    If you need to put this byte back, use ungetc().

    while ((byte=fgetc(myfile)) != EOF) {
    printf("%c ",byte);
    printf("%c ",next_byte);

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    int handle=open(path,O_BINARY,S_IREAD);
    long size=filelength(handle);
    int buffersize=size;
    if (size>64000) buffersize=64000;
    unsigned char *buffer=new unsigned char[64000];
    //If file is larger than 64000 bytes, use the 64000 byte buffer to
    //cache new info into it by doing another read
    int count=0;
    for (int i=0;i<buffersize;i++)
       printf("%X ",buffer[i]);
       if (count>=80) 
    Then when the user browses past the buffersize, just do another block read and fill the buffer with data. You can either fill it with all new data or you can scrap the first line and add new data to the last line allowing the user to scroll down the bytes.

    I've not tested this code, but it will browse the bytes of a file.
    It's not straight C++, so if you want to you can use streams instead of this.

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