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    String output

    int main()
    { string s = "12a34b56c78d";
       int size = 12;
       return 0;
    } // end main
    void writeStuff(string s, int size)
    {     if (size > 0)
         {     cout << s.substr(size-1, 1);
                writeStuff(s, size-3);  
          }  // end if
    }  // end writeStuff
    What is supposed to be the output of this?

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    What the hell? Are you just posting your homework for us to answer? I thought you needed help before so I did but this is the third place you have posted dodgy code asking "Whats the output?"

    What do you *think* the output is?
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    Download and install GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Code::Blocks, then build, link, and run the program, and you have your answer.
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