Thread: Code::Blocks not working?

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    Code::Blocks not working?

    This thread was deleted in the Forum Crash, but I am still very much lost.

    As I said previously, I am a complete C++ novice. I recently downloaded Code::Blocks + MinGW per your suggestion. When I wrote the very first code and clicked Build + Run, it said "main.cpp - Debugger uses an invalid compiler. Nothing to be done."


    I'm using Windows XP, and it's on my external harddrive. I downloaded Code::Blocks without the MinGW first, and the uninstallation failed about halfway through, since C::B was still open. I deleted the folder to finish it. Since then I have redownloaded C::B + MinGW and uninstalled and reinstalled twice.

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    Have you configured CB to use MinGW?
    Try disabling the debugger when you build, and see what happens.
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    Make sure you have a recent version of gdb (Download here) in your MinGW/bin directory.

    If all else fails, install MinGW again via the installer available on Sourceforge.

    Configuring CB to use gcc: go to Settings->Compiler and Debugger, then go to "Global Compiler Settings" and find "toolchain executables." That ought to get you on the right foot.

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