Thread: How to - network programming with C++?

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    Question How to - network programming with C++?

    I'm a java developer.
    Recently, at university, I have been assigned a task about network programming with C++. The specification is about create a distributed application (with a server and many clients). If they allow to use RMI in Java or .NET Remoting with C#, it's easy for me, because I have some experiences in Java/C#. But they require to use C++ in every programming. So, I don't understand how to begin with it. Please give me some advices. Thank in advance.

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    You can use Visual C++, which will enable you to use the .NET library.
    C++ is like C# (the other way around more precisely). You shouldn't have any problems using C++ instead of C#.

    Google it a bit. Search for "from C# to C++" or "simple C++ tutorials and feel free to post here things you need clarification at so we can answer more precisely.

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