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    Offline C++ Reference


    I am looking for an Offline C++ Reference for Ubuntu 9.10.
    Please give me any reference that is clear and nice for running offline whether as PDF or any kind. And if there is a commercial version please put a link for it.

    Thank you

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    There's a lot to C++ and the only complete C++ reference I know of is the actual C++ Language Standard. (There are a couple of complete online references,and your compiler may include a good reference.) It's available in PDF or as a hard-copy. I wouldn't say it's "clear & nice"... It's a technical specification and it's... very technical. And, it covers standard/portable C++. It doesn't cover anything particular to the compiler(s) that comes with Ubuntu. (Most compilers come with additional non-standard libraries, so you can do things like graphics & sound which are not part of standard C++.)

    There are lots of C++ books.

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    It should come with man pages.
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    Thank you all.

    man pages are ugly things!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIH1406 View Post
    Thank you all.

    man pages are ugly things!
    They are as useful as the person reading them.
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    does anyone know a C++ reference book that I can buy?

    I'm using Windows 7

    in the C++ recommendations section there are many books, but which is the best?

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