Thread: Can't include Classes(very strange)

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    Can't include Classes(very strange)

    I have a very strange problem. With my classes client and password I can include them separately by calling the cpp file, ie. (#include "client.cpp", and #include "password.cpp"). I have tested them separately.

    If I call the header I don't get a compile error but it doesn't recognize the class and I can't declare objects.

    If I include them together I get the error:
    [C++ Error] CLIENT.CPP(5): E2090 Qualifier 'client' is not a class or namespace name.

    As I said if I use them separately they are fine.

    Can anybody help? I am using Borland C++ Builder 5


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    including classes

    You should not be including .cpp files...
    include the .h files....

    You don't have the h files? Well... create them...

    To use multiple files you must have .h files and .cpp files

    The h files is for all declarations that the cpp will need. The cpp will contain all the definitions of the functions. Any other files requiring use of these files require that you include the .h files not the cpp.

    To further beat a horse in the bush...ahhem.. to death I mean...
    //some.h file
    #ifndef SOME_H
    #define SOME_H

    int add(a, b);

    //some.cpp file


    int add(a, b){ return a + b; }

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include "some.h"

    void main( void )
    cout << "Result of 2 + 2 " << add(2, 2) << endl;

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