Thread: Please help me to solve this IO problem.

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    Wink Please help me to solve this IO problem.

    Hi everyone,
    I'm an absolute newbie in C++, please help me to solve this problem. This problem is something related to the getline method.
    I write a program to ask for user's age and name. Just for demonstrating some IO operations.

    /*IO Example*/
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main() {
    	int age;
    	string name;
    	cout << "Please enter your age:";
    	cin >> age;
    	cout << "Your age is: " << age;
    	cout << " so your year of birth is " << 2010 - age << ".\n";
    	cout << "Please enter your name: \n";
    	getline (cin , name);
    	cout << "Hello " << name << " ! What a good day!";
    	return 0;
    The program cannot get the name. In fact, it doesn't give me opportunity to type.

    It's so easy with someone but please help me,

    Thanks very much!

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    This is because your input buffer looks like this:
    4  2  \n J  o  e  B  o  b  \n
    X  X  ^
    At the time you call getline, ^ is where the input is, X has already been read by the >>. getline() sees the \n, and thinks that it has read 1 line, with no characters except for \n.

    You have a few choices:
    1) Call cin.ignore() to skip 1 character (hopefully the \n)
    2) Call getline(), and ignore it, then call it for real
    3) Write something a bit smarter based on 1 or 2
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    A simple solution that will always work with this type of setup based on #1 is to call cin.ignore() immediately after every call to cin >>. (But never immediately after a call to getline.)

    Since operator>> stops at whitespace and leaves it in the stream, there will always be a character to ignore. Since operator>> skips initial whitespace, it won't cause problems if have back to back calls to cin >> with the cin.ignore() in between.

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