Thread: error C2106: (populating strings)

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    error C2106: (populating strings)

    I'm having trouble populating char arrays. If I populate them when I declare them, I don't get any errors. ie:

    char buffer[3]="ab";

    However if I declare them, then try to populate them later, I get:

    error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value (using VC++ 6)

    example code:

    char buffer[3];

    I've also tried:


    I can't find any examples in the MSDN library that help. All the ones I found show char being populated when they're declared.
    Any help you can give is appreciated thanks.


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    char array[80];
    char *p = "Some string";
    strcpy ( array, p );
    // array now has the contents of p
    cin.getline ( array, 80 );
    // array now has whatever the user typed
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    thanks but...

    Prelude, thanks for your reply, but it seems like I still have to populate a string when it's declared. Even though your example populates a string after it is declared, it populates it with one that was populated when it was declared.
    Also, cout, etc. are all used in DOS programming, correct? I should have mentioned it earlier, but I programming strictly for Windows.

    What I eventually am trying to work towards is something like this:

    In my game I'll have a class, CTrooper, for example, that represents the individual soldiers in the player's army. And I have a string table that lists possible first and last names. I would get a random number that would match one of the entries in each table. That entry would be the soldier's first/last name. ie:

    //start in the middle of the CTrooper class definition//
     char FirstName[16];
     char LastName[16];
    //then in the function that would get the names randomly
     CTrooper Trooper1;
     Trooper1.FirstName = randomFname;
     Trooper1.LastName = randomLname;
    //of course, the CTrooper.FirstName, etc. part isn't working.
    I'm sorry if I seem like I'm lost here. I'm an old VB developer who's trying to make the transition to VC++. So, I really lost on a lot of the proper syntax when it comes to strings, file i/o, and the like.

    Thanks again,

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    The reason what you tried (in the first post) doesn't work is this:

    The buffer variable name gets treated as an address that the compiler/linker assigns when it creates the EXE say for example 0x043BCFE0 or whatever. The "ab" string gets stored in another address because it is a string-literal, let's say for example that it gets the address 0x44C9A002. You cannot then in your code say 0x043BCFE0 = 0x44C9A002 which is essentially what the buffer="ab" code fragment gets converted into. It just doesn't work that way. That is why you get the "left operand must be an l-value" message. You must use something similar to the strcpy() function to input data into the character array.

    Now, if you use a string object, you can assign data to it like you mention. Like so:

    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        string buffer;
        buffer = "ab";  // Now buffer equals "ab"
        return 0;
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    Thanks, hk! That solves my problem.

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