Thread: a good c++ beginner to advanced

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    a good c++ beginner to advanced

    well i need a good c++ book, i know functions, loops, if statements and output formating and that is about it but i would eventually like to do sockets and the like so im looking for an exelent book that covers a lot of material and that would come whithout any cd's

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    Well if you have some experience in C++ (I don't know if you know anything about classes and OOP), but you should definitley go out and get The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is the bible of C++.

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    i havent done OOP or clasese yet that is the next two chapters in my exercise book

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    anyone else im getting lots of views but no comments

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    considering your level of programming in C++ try these:

    - "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days" by Liberty.......(a lot of topics and examples, however not so many details)

    - "Practical C++ " by McGregor..... (down to earth explanations)

    - "C++ - The Complete Reference " by Schildt.......(a lot of topics, but explanations aren't always too clear and detailed[more advaced])

    - "The C++ programming Language" by Stroustrup....... (more advanced for your level, however the explanations are more detail oriented).....


    You might want to try your local "Barnes & Nobles" .....

    .... the best way would be to pick cople book at "B&N" sit down and read mayb couple pages or a chapter from each to at least see if they are right for you....

    Good Luck.......


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    You might be interested in thinking in c++.
    It assumes that you already know c and teaches you all about oop.
    You can also get the legally get the e-text free.

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    C++ How to Program - Deitel & Deitel


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