Thread: An access violation (segmentation fault) raised in program

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    An access violation (segmentation fault) raised in program

    hello guys

    i wrote a program in dev cpp and when i compile it with 0 warnings or error
    the program doesnt run for me
    in addition when i debug this program it wrote to me:
    "An access violation (segmentation fault) raised in program"

    what is the problem?
    int path(int* b,int n);
    int findmin(int* board,int n);
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main()
           int b[15]={3,4,5,5,6,9,9,8,5,4,7,5,3,1,2};
           int n=5,p;
           return 0;
     int path(int* b,int n)
     int m=0;
     if(n==1){return *b;}
     return (m+path(b-n,n--));
     int findmin(int* board,int n)
              int i=0,min=0;
         return min;

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    How about posting the whole error message.
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    A segmentation fault happens when you try to access memory out of your bounds. You have a pointer to an array of 15 integers. If you ever incremented or decremented it so that it no longer pointed inside that array - you would most likely get a segmentation fault.

    Trace through the execution of your code - and see if you can find a situation where you've accidentally allowed your pointer to go out of bounds.

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    > return (m+path(b-n,n--));
    You've used the post-decrement, so all you've managed to do is

    return (m+path(b-n,n));

    The -- happens, but the result vanishes.

    return (m+path(b-n,n-1));
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