Thread: What is the difference between visual C++ and C++ builder

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    What is the difference between visual C++ and C++ builder

    Does anybody know what is the difference between visual C++ and C++ builder?

    Thanks in advance.

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    C++ Builder is known as a RAD tool or Rapid Application Development tool. What you can do with C++ Builder is make the dialog boxes, SDI, MDI applications in Windows quite easily. The same is true with VC++, however VC++ is definately more robust in my opinion. Basically, Builder is like VC++'s Resource Editor but it lacks heavily on the code side. VC++ allows you to easily manage your source code, classes, and resources. Builder is more for designing your dialog boxes and GUI than programming - this is especially true when you try to write DLL's in Builder - it's main purpose is for GUI.
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    There isn't much difference between them. OneStiff was right that you can use C++ Builder as a RAD tool, but you can still code manually as well (we used C++ Builder in high school). I like Visual C++ myself, I have VC++ 6.0. It can interface well with other SDK's such as the Half Life SDK and the RIM SDK.

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    Thanks, folks.

    Thanks, folks.

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