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    Mkaefile problem

    Dear experts i have some problem with the makefile,

    which i have written for my program which does only this in windows,
    main :
    		C:\name\myname\abcl\Debug\abc -l2
    all : main
    	echo "Hello "
    	echo ${make}
    	 C:\MinGW\bin\make main
    So this is the kind of the file which runs on abc.exe there

    this is working but in my given directory structure it should search for the .at file and have to execute each one of them,

    how to do this i tried using find command but failed as it is showing some error like

    that of find command in windows so how to achieve this in windows.

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    Well, if you wrote your program to accept multiple .at files then you could just use
    		C:\name\myname\abcl\Debug\abc -l2 *.at
    Incidentally, make does have a concept of the current working directory, so it's very likely that either this
    		Debug\abc -l2 *.at
    or this
    		abc -l2 *.at
    would work as well. I really don't like absolute path names in things like build systems.

    On the other hand, if your program can only handle one .at file at once, it's a bit tricker. I imagine a site like this would have what you're looking for: How can I perform a batch action on a list of files from the command line?

    And of course in Linux it's just so simple . . .
    for file in *.at; do ./abc -l2 $file; done

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