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    Lightbulb help on a Drafting Program for fun


    I've recently been getting into booster drafts for Magic the Gathering and thought it would be fun to create a draft simulator, but i need some help getting started. When the program starts running i want to be able to pick an expansion from a list telling the program what card list to choose to pick from. then i want it to read from a text file and randomly pick 15 unique cards from the list. The cards on the list will be split into three categories: common, uncommon, and rare. The program should select 10 commons 4 uncommons and one rare and list them for the user. The user should then be able to select one of the cards from the list and have that card saved to a new file. the program should then generate a new list of 14 cards and randomly choose which of the 3 categories it took away from. For example the new list might contain 10 commons and 4 uncommons or 10 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare or 9 commons 4 uncommons and 1 rare. each time letting the user select one card and save it to the new file. this should loop until the list contains Zero cards.

    I know this is a lot but any help would be greatly appreciated especially in getting me started.


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    Go through every single tutorial, until you see how logic is formatted to be executed, and then you can just combine what you need as you need to do what you need your program to do. There isn't much else to say in reply to your post other than to mention that you clearly need to learn how to write software.

    Use what you learn from the tutorials to begin piecing it all together. When you run in to a *specific problem, post the code and explain the problem, then we'll help provide a solution.

    It's not reasonable to expect random people on the internet to write software for ya. So give it a go! ;]

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    If you have no code experience then u need t spend time with the tutorials yes, concurrently you could refine the description u posted so it is more like a program, with a flow you can follow and u will see better how your logic will have to work

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