Thread: Newbie question about MS Visual C++

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    Newbie question about MS Visual C++

    Umm how do I start a new project? Using 6.0. I can't use any other compilers cuz this one is the one the school provides, and they're total nazis about dl'ing any new progs.

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    Well, yeah, duh... but I mean, as for the tutorials on this site, what sort of project do I choose? And how do I actually get started to type in the code and whatnot?

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    Pick a console project, to get started...

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    For a console app?
    If so:
    File/ new.
    on the projects tab click Win32 console application.
    put a name in the project name box.
    Click OK.
    Click Finish.
    Click OK.
    You now have a Project.
    Click the new text file button, somewhere on the toolbar
    File/save as.
    enter a filename, give it the extension .cpp.
    Make sure the save in box contains the correct project name.
    Click save.
    Right click on your text file and click insert file into project.
    You now have a ready to go project which you can type in code and compile.
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    I hate the way my school has this program installed, they didn't install the MSDN libraries or anything, etc.. BAH

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    1. File Menu
    2. New
    3. Click on "Workspaces" Tab
    4. Type in a name for the workspace in the area provided, a directory will be created on your hard drive with this name. This will also become your "current" workspace.
    5. Back to File Menu
    6. New
    7. Click on "Projects" Tab
    8. Select type of project from the list of options in the area on the left. For simple programs you will most likely want to choose "Win32 Console Application"
    9. Type in a name for the project in the area provided and make sure the "Add To Current Workspace" button is checked. This will create a subdirectory on your hard drive under the same directory as your workspace.
    10. On the next screen after you have clicked on "OK", you need to select what kind of a console application you want. Again, for simplicity I most often choose the "Empty Project" option.
    11. After clicking on "Finish", a window will pop up summarizing the options you have choosen, you can then either click on "OK" to finalize everything, or click "Cancel" to go back and make changes.
    12. To add files to your project, you can go to File->New->Files, select C++ Source File from the area on the left and then type in a name in the area provided, make sure the "Add To Project" checkbox is checked. This will add an empty file to your current project which you can start typing code into.
    13. Alternately, if you already have a C or C++ file you wish to add to the current project, just go to Project->Add To Project->Files and then search your computer for the file to add.
    14. To compile and build your program, go to the Build menu and select the Compile, Build, or Rebuild All options.
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