Thread: help with salary calculator and loops

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    help with salary calculator and loops

    can someone please give me help with modifiying the following code, so that it can be used for 10 employees.
    basically what it is is a salary calculator, the user inputs there hourly salary, and hours worked, and the it calculates their pay and any overtime (x1.5) over 35 hours.
    but i need 10 employees to be able to input their data, and didnt want to just copy the code 10 tens, so thought there may have been a loop or something i could use

    please help
    here is the code:


    int main()

    float hours=0.0,wage1=0.0,pay=0.0,overtime=0.0,overtimep ay=0.0,totalpay=0.0;

    cout<<"please enter wage: ";
    cout<<"Please enter hours worked: ";


    cout<<"Your weekley pay is: "<<pay;
    cout<<"Your weekley pay + overtime is: "<<totalpay;


    return 0;

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    First of all, when posting code, put it in a [code] block so that the indentation is preserved.

    As for your code, there are two things you need to do. Firstly you need to group all the information about a single enployer into a single class (or at least a struct). If a class, you should also put into methods all the things that you do with the data, such as fetch it and compute pay. Second, you need to create an array of 10 employees (since you know that the employees will always be 10). Then you loop for each employee, and do what you currently do for one employee.
    It is too clear and so it is hard to see.
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