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    Question c++ reconstruction & doc. rebuilding

    hello, i have a c++ software calibration that is no longer supported by the company that developed it in 1998. i need to modify the calibration to run on different parameters as it controls an EV battery charging system and the original battery chemistries are no longer available. the company (GM) says that the source code and documentation was not maintained and therefore unobtainium. Q1: Is there a method whereby a c++ program can be "opened" and the source code and documentation reconstructed in order to properly modify the calibration?, and, if so, would there be specialists in this area that can be suggested/recommended? thx, s10e

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    Sounds like you are looking for a "decompiler" but then ask about specialists....decompilers have traditionally not produced code that even remotely looks like the original source and therefore something that is based on an algorithm of some type would probably not be a good candidate for such a tool. BTW what is "unobtainium"? Sounds like a joke of a substance not found on the periodic table.

    In any event from the context of what you posted I would say that you need someone to reverse engineer the original code or at least a work-alike version. At the risk of being struck dead by the folks who like closed source software, this is why OSS exists; if the code is not maintained, it is at least available to those who wish to maintain it and the knowledge is not lost but that is an argument for another thread. If by "I have a c++ software calibration" you mean you have a program written in c++ that calibrates or at least measures some hardware output, perhaps you would find success in seeking out other code that does the same thing? Can you supply any more specific information about the exact hardware you are trying to work with? Also if you are simply trying to adjust some parameters, an expert in assembler (machine language) should be able to modify the machine code directly. I am not saying it is a trivial process but sounds like it is more possible than completely reconstructing the original source.....

    I am sure others will have opinions to submit on this one....
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