Thread: C++ development in Linux

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    C++ development in Linux

    Please help me to setup IDE/GCC on Mandriva Linux Box. There is no GCC in repo and I cannot find codelite or codeblock there. There is KDevelop but I'm unwilling to use it!

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    Maybe one of these links can help you. Seems more people asked that exact same question on several forums including the Mandriva forum.


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    Thanks I'm checking the links

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    simple command does the job (I was testing and it worked)
    urpmi gcc
    Thanks for replay

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    Anjuta is a very simple IDE for Linux which I have used for little one-off projects...just curious, why can you not use KDevelop? It is based on KDE which IIRC Mandriva (aka Mandrake back in the day) is...while it is not my first choice I don't know of anything wrong with it unless you consider the fact that it uses a non-standard make system (qmake) as a 'flaw'....other than that is seemed quite nice so I am curious...Also if you install Anjuta you should install a package called 'devhelp' which has all of the C/C++ documentation as well as system docs on RPC and stuff like that. I am working in a Debian-based system so all of my package names are unique to APT but you should be able to do a urpmi search command to find what you need. Small warning though (this applies to any of this): Anjuta is based on Automake which, while a standard is still tough on newbies....

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