Thread: how to avoid taking in a variable

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    Exclamation how to avoid taking in a variable

    my code is
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cmath>
    using namespace std;
    float math()
    	float x;
        float y;
        char a;
    	float answer;
       cout<<"enter an problem (operations are x,/,+,-,^,s2(square root))";
       cin>> x >> a >> y;
    	switch (a){
    	case 's':
    		answer = sqrt (x);
    	case 'x':
    		answer = x*y;
    	case '/':
    		answer = x/y;
    	case '+':
    		answer = x+y;
    	case '-':
    		answer = x-y;
    	case '^':
    		answer = pow (x,y);
    	return answer;
    and to get the answer for square root you have put in input for y to take in, I was wondering how to avoid taking in input for y only in the square root function.

    Thank you

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    so you are asking how to 'do something' .... 'if something'
    Asking a question you already know the answer to might teach you something you did not know...

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    Read the whole line as a string, then parse the string to pick out the x, a & optional y arguments.
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    Again, the void main issue: Void main - cpwiki
    Unless you really are working on a very specific embedded system, don't use void main.

    Even easier would actually be to just use a couple of if statements. It's all pure logic. Make a flowchart and implement it.
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