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    well it isn't bordland... it is borland, and I have already given ample instruction on how to set up your compiler in your other post on this subject.

    do a 'find' on your computer under your start bar for autoexec.bat. Modify your path statement as I stated in your other thread on this subject.

    don't use notepad... get familiar with using a command prompt (console). Your computer comes with edit.exe. It is a good text editor for writing code (automatic tab delimination etc). Run a console... type edit myfile.cpp from the prompt. Write your code... click file/save (or alt and the arrow keys).

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    for 2K you will need to type PATH at the dos prompt (not really dos... but you may understand it better that way)

    after you type path... hit enter. Your current path will be displayed. Write that down

    then type

    PATH your_path;C:\borland\bcc55\bin

    This will not save after the session is closed...

    You can also do this inside a program with a system call. And there are more permanent ways of doing it... do a search for path statements on 2K.

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    I think you need to learn how to use computer software before you try to make it.

    Would help.

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