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    Reading from file

    Can someone pleaseeee tel me how do I read names(5) from a file and store it into an array...

    I've tried everything I know but I just can't do it...

    It's only a couple line of codes but I can't seem to do it.

    Can someone show me some codes as how it can be done.
    I'm only a newbie so if u can try to keep it simple

    Pleaseeeeeee help... I'vre been trying for awhile now and I'm still where I started from.

    Once again pleaseeeeeeee help... It's greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Post what you've done so far. Also, give us an idea of the layout of the file you are trying to read.
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    It depends on how you wrote your names to your output file.
    If you did it the easy way, you would do the following:

    int x = 0;     //Used to navigate through the array.
    int n = 10;   //Or how many layers in your array.
    char myArray[10];     //A sample array.
    ifstream.infile;"data.dat");      //Or what you called your data file.
    for(x = 0; x < n; x++) {
     infile.get(myArray[x]);     //Input to the array on the (x)th layer.
    I believe this code will work as is, if not, error check it. At least you will get the basics of how to do it. If not, ask for more help.

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    Lightbulb Try this...

    First, make a file in notepad called "textfile.txt" like this:


    Then save it in the same directory as the following c program. Everything should work fine (except you should fix the formatting as I can't get the program to display with all the proper indentations into this message).

    #include <iostream> /* Needed for output to screen and input from keyboard */
    #include <fstream> /* Needed for input/output to/from files */

    using namespace std; /* Tells the compiler that the program will be using names that have a defined meaning in the std namespace */

    int main()
    ifstream in_stream; /* Creates a 'stream' or a connection called "in_stream" that will take info in from a file */
    char name[10]; /* Sets aside memory to accept a string 10 characters long */
    int x=0; /* Makes variable used for counting the number of names */"textfile.txt"); /* Creates a link to the file */

    while (!in_stream.eof()) /* Keep repeating the following commands as long as you haven't reached the end of the file (eof) */
    in_stream >> name; /* Take the first character in the file, and put it into the x-th element in the string called "names" */
    x = x + 1; /* Increases the number of names it has found by one */
    cout << "Name #" << x << " was " << name << "\n"; /* Spits out a name that you read in */

    in_stream.close(); /* Closes the link to the file */

    cout << "The file contained " << x << " names.\n"; /* Outputs how many names were in the file */

    return 0; /* Return a value of zero to signal the program ran succesfully */

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    >>>x = x + 1; /* Increases the number of names it has found by one */

    x++; or x += 1; would do the same thing and is easier to read/code

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