Thread: Associativity from right to left in ternary operator

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    Associativity from right to left in ternary operator


    i am little bit confusion regarding the Associativity from right to left in ternary operator.

    Associativity comes to picture when Operators on the same line in the chart have the same precedence.
    z=a+b+c+d+e; then according to associativity it start from left to right.

    same way can u give one example for right to left of tenrary operator if the operands have same precedence?

    i look for your further replys

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    Tertiary operation is defined as such

    (condition) ? <if true do this> : <if false do this>

    The basis of performing either the left side of the ':' or the right side operation is all governed by the condition being either true, chose left, or false, chose right.

    That make since?

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    It means stuff like this:
     a? b: c? d: e
    Is the same as this:
    Instead of this:
    It's executed from left to right. A first. Then b or c. Then if C was executed, then d or e.
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    The associativity of the ternary operator is right-to-left. For instance:

    a ? b : c ? d : e ? f : g;
    Nests like this:

    a ? b : ( c ? d : ( e ? f : g ) )
    I have used this before as an alternative to:

    if( a ) b;
    else if( c ) d;
    else if( e ) f;
    else g;
    When doing so, I write it this way:

      a ? b
    : c ? d
    : e ? f
    : g;
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    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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