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    Hi all

    Hoping someone can help, I'm a little stuck trying to follow what is turning out to be a rather unhelpful book on programming direct 3d :S

    I have come across the line of code:

    std::ifstream m_peopleFile (m_peopleFilename, std::ios::binary);
    presumably this is code used for reading information from m_peopleFilename, but I am coming up against the following error:

    m_peopleFile uses undefined class 'std::basic_ifstream<_Elem,_Traits>'

    I must admit I don't know much about using input and output streams for reading files at the moment, and have no idea how to proceed in resolving this. Can anyone help?

    Thanks :-)

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    It could be that your filename is a C++ string object, and not a C-string.
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    If it's saying ifstream is undefined it's more likely that the fstream header has not been included.
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