Thread: Is there a way to return entire structures in one function

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    Question Is there a way to return entire structures in one function

    i was looking at the program that i usually work and i have different functions for getting the first number, the operation, and the other number, and i was wondering is there a way to return an entire structure

    thank you.

    and it would be nice if someone could tell me how to direct one function to another. thank you

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    Are you familiar with structs or classes? A simple struct could hold the number, operation, other number, etc. You could use the struct just like any other type like int or double, which includes returning it from a function.

    To "direct" one function to another, just call the other function. I might not be understanding what you're asking, though.

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    If you want to use a function to modify something inside a structure, just specify the struct name, followed by the struct member (separated by a (.) period), like this:
    int func1() {
    It would be better to use a single function though to modify and/or display all elements in a struct.
    You get the idea, I'm sure. It is fairly easy.

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    i mean can you return a structure with different variable types (2 floats and a char)
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    The C approach would be

    struct Result_t{
      double part1;
      double part2;
      char part3;
    Result_t func(double param1, double param2, char param3){
      Result_t result= {param1, param2, param3};
      result.part2 /= 2;
      return result;
    But generally, in C++ you would instead design classes that do a little more than just serve as a way to return multiple bits of data. You would make a class that groups related data together and provides function on what you might do with that data.
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