Thread: cin.get() question

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    cin.get() question

    what are the parenthesis in
    used for?

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    That is how you call functions. The function parameters going inside the parenthesis. In this case, there are no function parameters (since get() doesn't take any).
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    If not for the parentheses, there would be no way to know if it is a function with no parameters or a variable.

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    the dot after cin means that you want to use a function from within 'cin', and after you write any function you need to write (), inside of these parenthesis you can write instructions called parameters..but you can also leave them blank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodrigorules View Post
    ..but you can also leave them blank.
    What he means by that is you leave them blank, only when the function you are calling doesn't take any parameters. Your function call must match the function you are calling, both in spelling and parameters.
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