Thread: Help on Boolean Operators?

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    Question Help on Boolean Operators?

    I'm reading this tutorial about boolean operators, but i dont get one example:
    !( ( 1 || 0 ) && 0 )
    . The tutorial says that the AND must be evaluated before OR, yet I see the OR before the AND in the example. Can someone clarify to me why the answer is 1? (1 as in TRUE.) And it also says to learn Boolean Algebra...

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    Which you read is correct the book/ tutorial was talkin about the operator precedence. in the above example its just a usage

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    && has a higher precedence than ||, but () has even higher precedence than any operator, so the thing between the parentheses() is evaluated first, which is 1||0(result 1), then 1&&0(result 0) and lastly !0=1. Even ! has the precedence higher than && or || but still because of () this order is taken.

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