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    Help with strings

    I am learning about strings and I am trying to interpret what the +1 is for when the const MAX_LEN is used. I know strings have a null terminating value, does this allow room for it?

    void readLine(istream &, char *, int); //used for TASK 3 only
    #define TASK 1
    #if TASK==1
    const int MAX_LEN = 7;   //longest string allowed.
    const int MAX_LEN = 25;
    int main(){
    	char aString[MAX_LEN+1];   // what is +1 used for?
    	cout << "Enter a string (maximum of " << MAX_LEN << " characters)\n";
    	for (int i=1; i<=MAX_LEN; i++) cout << i%10;  cout << endl;

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    Note that it is C-style strings that require the extra character for a null terminator. C++ strings do not use the null terminator and so they don't need that extra character. (You can, of course, use C-style strings in C++ if you want, but generally speaking the C++ string would be a better choice.)

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