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    Searching through a string....

    I am righting an app that uses a flat file (myVar.txt) to interface with an app I developed in Flash 5, and I'm having a bit of difficulty:

    I am setting the variables fine from both flash and C++, but I am
    trying to sort through an array that I populated as such;

    // Declare the storage array
    char cMyStream[50];

    // Assign the string conents of myVar.txt
    ifstream mystream("\myVar.txt");
    cout << "Cannot open file.\n";

    // Assign the conent of mystream to cMyStream
    mystream >> cMyStream;
    My problem is this...
    the text file uses a variable format of &Var1=234&Var2...
    I want to sort through the variables to return the values of Var1 and Var2 to an array, but lack the knowledge to do so...
    Please help!!!

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    If the value for each variable always occurs after the = character, you could use this as the delimeter. Read the characters using getline(), and then read the value into you array of integers.

    mystream >> int_array[i++];

    Put this code in a loop that reads until the end of the file.

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