Thread: resizable arrays that contain structs

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    resizable arrays that contain structs

    I am working on a "game". The character is a firefighter and he starts at the bottom of a building (first node in linked list). At every level there is any number of fires. Each fire has a particular time it started at, and after a fire has burnt for too long the room is destroyed. So I made a struct that contains the time the fire started (initializedTime) and then I plan to have a resizable array for each node. So it would go firefighter comes to a level (node). There are x fires (however elements in array). He puts out the fire that's been going the longest (data inside struct). He moves to the next level (next node). Process repeats.
    My question is how can I have a resizable array of structs? Do I use the new operator or realloc? The fire may start again on a level, so new rooms catch on fire.

    Feel free to tell me that I'm going about this all the wrong way, or that I need to clarify my question.

    Thank you.

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    You would use a std::vector. However, the "puts out the fire that's been going the longest" suggests that a std::queue or std::priority_queue might be more appropriate.
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