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    clear question

    ok i downloaded borland 5.5, i followed instructions ok so far so good. now i want to open bcc32 compiler, but when i try to open the file, it says action cancelled (no page to display) and then it keeps asking over and over if i want to open the file.

    I don't understand the instructions to set up the compiler

    how do i create a bcc32.cfg file?

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    place these files in C:\borland\bcc55\bin

    Then go to your run box at the start bar. Type in msconfig and hit ok. Click on the autoexec tab. Look for your set path= statement. Double click on that. Go to the end of the path statement. Add a semicolon and type this in there


    apply changes. Restart computer. create a directory on your C:\ drive called prog

    go to your command prompt ('run command' or double click on prompt in start menu).

    type cd \ and press enter

    You are at the C prompt

    type cd prog and press enter

    type edit hello.cpp and press enter

    type in the following

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    int main()
    cout << "Hello world!";
    return 0;

    save file



    type bcc32 hello.cpp

    it will compile and link

    type hello.exe

    or just hello

    and you first program runs....

    BZ out

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    i tried to follow the instructions u gave, but there is no autoexec tab could it be under another name?

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    that is only valid for win98.

    You can just go into the C:\ directory and find the autoxec.bat file and right click and select edit...

    where is says SET PATH=

    there will be a list of places where your computer looks for execuatable commands when you type them without a path statement. add a semicolon after the last one and place


    after the semicolon. this means that when you type bcc32.exe (or bcc32 rather) the computer will find it in that directory.

    None of the Borland Turbo Comandline Compiler is visual so get out of the windows mindset... be prepared to type everything in a dos console.

    It works very well though...

    bcc32 is your compiler. It compiles the code into object code and unless you specify otherwise, it sends the .obj file to your linker which is ilink32.

    The linker takes your object code and any libraries needed to make the program and puts them all together to create an executable.

    The executable can be double clicked or run from a console window (assuming it is a console program and not a windows program). If you don't want your program to run and disappear when you double click it, you will need to put in a pause at the end of your program and the necessary library that holds the pause function.

    That should get you going I hope....
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