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    Mobile device apps

    Is c++ suitable for mobile apps? Can a program written on pc be ported fairly easily? What about libraries, cross platform includes mobile os? Do they even have a common os? Is it better just to develop from start in other language more mobile specific?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogster001
    Is c++ suitable for mobile apps?
    Yes, e.g., consider the Symbian family of operating systems.
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    Even though you didn't ask for others here's the rest:

    Android: Android Developers
    iPhone uses Objective C: iPhone Dev Center - Apple Developer Connection
    Lots of phones will run Java's J2ME: J2ME Tutorial, Part 1: Creating MIDlets |
    Palm's WebOS (PalmPre) JavaScript, HTML, CSS: Welcome to webOSdev - Palm
    Palm's Garnet for it's older Treo line is C/C++: ACCESS Developer Network | Garnet OS Development Suite | Garnet, Development, Suite, Resource, Version

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