Thread: Protected vars not getting inherited?

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    Protected vars not getting inherited?

    I have Class A extending Class B and implementing Interface C. B accesses a protected var x from A. But the compiler is telling me that x is not declared in this scope. The code looks like

    #include "properties.h"
    class Sender
            Sender(Properties p);
            int   sock;
            int   getSocket();
    #include "sender.h"
    class MyListener : public Sender, public Listener
            void on_ready();
            int getSocket();
    #include "mylistener.h"
    int MyListener::getSocket()
        return sock;
    Compiling MyListener.cpp causes a "'sock' was not declared in this scope" error.

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    Except for a missing colon after protected, it looks okay to me. (Though you might want to provide your base classes with virtual destructors, and virtual inheritance might be appropriate.)
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    Well, I found the problem was one of those "see what you want to see" errors. I actually didn't have
    int MyListener::getSocket()
    int getSocket()

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