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    Post program review

    Thru this website I did away with empty constants, but i need someone to review this program and offer some insight. Run does not give the expected response.
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define MAXCHARS 20
    void seperate(char *, char*, int*);
    int main()
        char date[MAXCHARS];
        char tempmonth[MAXCHARS];
        int tempday;
        printf("\nPlease enter month and day(for example, June 14):");
        printf("\nSeperated date: %d\n",tempday);
        printf("\nSeperated month: %d\n",tempmonth);
        return 0;
            void seperate(char*date, char*month, int*day)
        int index;
        for(index=0; date[index] != '\0'; index++)
        *day = atoi(date+index);

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    This thread was split from empty character constant ?? so that the latter may rest in peace.

    melestorm, is this program supposed to be written in C or C++?
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