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    Unhappy class type help

    Hi everyone,

    I got problem understanding classes in C++. I hope some one would help me with this.
    Lets say I have x.h file where class x is declared with its private and public members. Also I have x.cpp file where the body of each function from class x is located.
    I have another y.h and y.cpp file done the same way as previous.
    Also I have main.cpp file that contains main function.

    I have to create z.h file and z.cpp file that contains z class. This class will have its private and public members as well.
    Now, because members in calss x and class y should not be change at any time plus private members from class z should not be change I have to come up with the way how to use them. I have to come up with functions in calss z that would get members from thiferent classes and private members from z calss.

    It shouls look something like this
     class z {
    int a;
    int b;
    z ();
    void someFunctions();
    int geta() { return a;}
    int getb() {return b;}
    I guess this is how would I get private parts from same class without changing them. But I dont understand how can I get members from other classes (class x and y). It has to be part of class z and it would be something like x & getx();
    and y & gety();

    I would apritiated if anyone can help me with this. If you need more information about what I'm talking about let me know I will try to go in more details.
    I'm tring to understand the consept of this.

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    There has to be someone that knows about classes
    Please help

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